Naughty Adult Sex Games to Try in The Bedroom

Being locked down during the Covid-19 epidemic has seen a huge jump in the sale of adult sex games online.  What better way to pass the boredom, have fun, while at the same time spice up your sex life. Go naughty and wild with some of our suggested sex games. 

Adult Card, Dice & Board Games

Board games such as Nooki Couples Card Game has been voted the best adult Nooki Adult Sex Gamegame on the marked by the readers of the Daily Mirror. You will never get bored playing Nookii.... you don't move around a board, you concentrate on each other according to the playful directions on the specially scripted Nookii cards on three saucy levels, Mmm Ooh and Aah. Set the Nookii timer and enjoy.


Strip Tease Card Game

Another must-have sex game is the Strip or Tease board game. This erotically charged game first helps sets the scene by showing you how to create the right mood with music, clothing, lighting etc. The games objective is to help you perfect the art of undressing erotically and sexily by tantalising each other with thoughts of what may be to come.

The You & Me Couples Game is a beautifully You & Me Couples Sex Gamepresented game that really is all about you (two)! But will it be "you or me" who enjoys the undivided attentions of their partner? Only the dice can decide! If you are the lucky partner chosen you can then choose just how you want your treat to be but remember, with hotter actions gaining your partner more points they may reach the winning ten points earlier, and be able to ask for their ultimate wish - it's a difficult choice! 
The Best Sex Dice Adult GameIt’s a little like Naughty Yahtzee. This sexy game is played with five die similar to the classic dice game but with card play included that takes this game to a whole new level. The special dice have six illustrated sides: Front, Back, Touch, Lick, Love, Kiss which correspond to card decks providing suggestive actions to be acted out by the winner of the game. The winner is rewarded by drawing from the Sex Card deck to get the ultimate reward—SEX! This game is compact which makes it great for traveling or to keep in a nightstand drawer.

These are just a few of the great games to try... other games to consider include: Our Sex Game (OSG), Fifty Nights of Naughtiness, Fifty Days of Play, Fifty Ways to Tease Your Love, Fetish Fun Adult and the Passion Couples Board Game, Kinky Nights Dice.  Check out our Adult Sex Games collection for more. 

Stripped-Down Twister

Exactly like the game of twister but with a twist! For this game you strip down to play twister. For this you’ll need the board game Twister. Played as per the instructions of the game only whenever someone fails their turn, they remove a piece of clothing. This game is a heap of fun. 

What's Your Fantasy?

To play you’ll need a hat or container, pieces of paper and a pen.  To play each person writes down your bedroom sex. Each of you takes turn in drawing a piece of paper out. Perform each fantasy!  You’ll learn so much about what your partner loves and prefers. 

Blind Man’s Bluff

You’ll need a scarf or blindfold to start, check out our fantastic Blindfolds, Masks & Hood collection. To play blindfold him and lead him to the bedroom, lay him on the bed and proceed to slowly tease, tantalize and arouse him.  You are in charge. Add some ice, edible body paint, massage oil, drip candles or fruit to make this even more erotic. 
 Drip Candles           Bondage Mask     Edible Body Paint

Sexy Role-Play

Role-playing with your partner can be fun, sexy and erotic; it helps lower any Sexy Cowgirl Costumeinhibitions you might have and allow you to loosen up and feel free to enjoy the moment. You can be anything you want... a sexy cowgirl, maid, schoolgirl, naughty nurse or policewomen. There are so many fantastic women’s role-play costumes to choose from. Don’t just dress up in that cowgirl costume, combine it with a whip or hat. Wanting to be a police women then buy a set of cuffs to go with it and tie your partner up to the bed and frisk him with your tongue. You can full-fill your man’s ultimate fantasies by not only dressing up but acting out in personality.


Bedroom Bondage

Have a little bondage fun. Create your own Red Room! Restrain your partners legs and arms with restraints or ties, blindfold them and begin living out your fantasies. Blindfolding heightens the senses for added sexual pleasure.  Lick tickle and tease with your tongue or feather. Try spanking with a paddle, whip or flogger. Gags can also be great to add to the mix.  Couples bondage kits are a great way to start for beginners... try the OUCH! Beginners Bondage 5-piece set. There are other great Fetish & Bondage Kits to choose from. Remember prior to your bondage antics to discuss limits.  Couples Beginner Bondage Kit

Cool as an ice maiden

Ice cubes are the best sex toy, they’re cheap and heightens the senses. Put an ice cube in your mouth and slowly make your way down to your partner’s most sensual sexual area, perform oral sex on him or her. Switch it up between hot and cold. They’ll beg you for more!
Adult sex games really are the best, not only to zest up your sex life but to bring couples closer together; you’ll even discover more about your partner and what they like. Here we have suggested but a few of so many sex games you could try. It’s up to your imagination. Go forth and have fun!!