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Adult Sex Blog


Methods of Female Masturbation

Female masturbation - sex toys

Gone are the days when women relied on their partners for an orgasm. Too much curiosity made them take their time to explore their bodies and eventually they figured it out. Women are now more than ever willing to share how taking things into their own hands has improved their sexual life. 

Naughty Adult Sex Games to Try in The Bedroom

You & Me Couples Sex Game

Being locked down during the Covid-19 epidemic has seen a huge jump in the sale of adult sex games online.  What better way to pass the boredom, have fun, while at the same time spice up your sex life. 

How To Use A Male Masturbator


Masturbators and strokers for men

When it comes to male masturbation and "getting yourself off" so to speak, I’m sure all men can agree with me when I say that, your hands truly are your best friends. Satisfying as this may be, a deeper more satisfying orgasm can be experienced through the use of a male masturbator or stroker. 

10 Tips For Great Anal Sex

Anal Sex Toys

So, you know all about vaginal sex but how much do you know about anal sex? Perhaps we can shed some light on a few things, expand your knowledge and prepare you for some great future butt play.

What is Pegging?

Pegging and sex toys

Ok, I’ll admit I had never heard of pegging before until a friend brought the subject up and my bet is not many of you have heard of it either. Pegging not a practice too many people are familiar with. So long as you are a little open-minded and are willing to experiment in a rather interesting role-playing sexual activity, pegging can be a pleasurable experience for both the female and male.

Better Couples Sex & Sex Toys

Sex Toys for couples 


Sex, as we all know, is not the only thing that is important in a relationship, however in order to have a long-term healthy relationship it’s a much bigger deal than some of us would care to admit. Being sexual compatible to your partner is extremely important for a long-term relationship to be successful; it leaves us sexually satisfied with little room for wandering eyes.